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Selasa, 19 Februari 2008

Shrimp Culture News of The Month

Indonesia Shrimp Culture is OK
Source : trobos 01 January 2008

Food Veterinary Office of European Union (FVO-EU) declared their satisfied on Indonesia shrimp culture after done the inspection in November 19-30. Director General of Processing and Marketing of Fisheries Product„Fisheries and Marine Affairs Department, Martani Huseini said, EU team was visited some shrimp ponds in East Java and also in Jakarta.

Even so, Martani added, it still needs regulation harmonization between Indonesia with EU. It needs harmonization between Fishery Regulation No. 31 with Food Law in EU,Martani said.

Director General of Culture Fisheries, Fisheries and Marine Affairs Department, Made L Nurdjana said, the inspection also focused on food safety, illegal drugs and antibiotic distribution. gEU also audits the culture process,Made said.
Not only EU, Food and Drug Association„USA which was also come to Indonesia, said their satisfaction on shrimp culture system in Indonesia. FDA USA was visited some shrimp ponds in Lampung, Medan and Bali. Whereas China government based on Martani will make Mutual Recoqnition Arrangement (MRA) about Health Certificate of commodity which will export to China.

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Source : trobos online 01 January 2008

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